Hotter Than July

Well it surely is hot as hell here. When you see temperatures over 100 degrees you have to wonder if you woke up in Texas. This place is known for being humid. But you add 100 degrees and up plus what it actually feels like. It is truly doing the most. I was going to do errands today but I am not. I changed my mind and not in the mood at all lol. Food is overrated anyways people!! We just need it to live! rofl. I wanted to do one last post for July. Just a random one to say goodbye to my awesome birth month. The reason why I am a crabby crab. I used to try to control my moodiness but it's something I really can't so I am done trying. Embrace all aspects of your personality people. I do give heads up. When I am super moody it's easy to tell though. I just go to my own little space and don't bother people. It works out pretty well. I bet no one thought I was going to blog today since I try to do it earlier on the weekends. But we had to make a grocery run and of course a doughnut run! I am about to cook and thought it's the last day of July. Time for my post!!! I am not really featuring anything today. I just wanted to say goodbye to July. I am surrounded by beautiful items from Kalopsia of course. One of my most popular home décor post items. Beautiful just beautiful. My hair is from Little bones and my outfit is from Candy Doll. Awesome places and awesome creators.

I am working on new home décor posts atm. I am finishing them up and will post them this week. Today is the last day for the Apple May Designs 50% off sale! Make sure you hop on down. I want to thank you so much for stopping by. Please feel free to bookmark me and check back. I appreciate it and yall keep this blog going! Peace & Blessings <3 Ebony
Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed
Coming soon I am trying to cook and blog at the same time!!
 Lilo's Summer Gacha @ The Chapter 4- Kalopsia
Veronica Dress & shoes- CandyDoll
Babylon Hair- Little Bones- Hairfair 2016
Trees-Hayabusa Designs
Grass- {anc}
Skydome: Turnip's homes
 Majesty Facebook-
 Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-  Feel free to join the group and landmark!!-
 Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location At Cynful-



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