Majesty- Tranquil evenings

Hello there! Time for a new home décor post and I am featuring Kalopsia today! You will prob see this post first from my next series of home décor posts. Uber is ending soon and I wanted to blog this set before it ends on the 23rd. I just got up from a power nap actually and wanted to finish my beautiful new outdoor space so I could show it to you! This is the Tannis Garden Picnic Set  and I also have some things from another set from Kalopsia in this space. This area is in the back of my Caravan from Dust Bunny which is at the Arcade event for this month. It's just not me to set down a build and not add a ton of things around it. I am continuing my love of lush green grass and flowers here with the space so it is very picture friendly and perfect for a tranquil night with that special someone or to just chill and sit with friends of by yourself. The pillows are either Adult or PG. They are also texture change so you can set your own color scheme. You can also change the texture of the cloth on the table to match your pillows. I of course added some lightning bugs to this outdoor space.

Yes lightning bugs, I know some of yall call them fireflies! lol I didn't hear the word fireflies until I moved up north. I was like what is fireflies? OHHHHH You mean lightning bugs! Okay! I am a southern girl and will ALWAYS be a southern girl yall. That is who I am. Okay I am not going to ramble much more. It is getting later in the day and it is storming like crazy. Thank you so much for stopping by.

                                                            Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Tannis Garden Picnic Set- Kalopsia- Uber event-
Jane's Ribbon Tent- Kalopsia- The Chapter 4 event-
Shade umbrella & Wanderlust Caravan (rare arcade gacha item)- Dust Bunny
Grass- Fanatik
Suger rose field- {anc}
Trees- Hayabusa Design


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