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Hello there! Guess what dong I am listening to? Need a hint! lol  Time for a fashion post and I am featuring this amazing romper by Cynful for the vintage fair and this lovely lovely hair from booN. This event ends tomorrow people! I just made it lol. I am sure this will be in the store after the event though. This romper is just awesome. I was going to post a new home post today and then I looked at the date and said a few cuss words! lol  There is a billion colors to choose from and it fits the most popular bodies. Feel free to get a demo! There is also a handful of exclusive colors that you only get with the fatpack. There is also some cute flats available that match the colors of the romper. This hair is at the Gen Neutral event from booN and it is freaking awesome. It has a retro vibe to it and it is also for either gender. I love this wig yall! I have been wearing it raw all week and I had to share it with you!! I am at a new sim that is just beautiful and open to the public. I will be doing most of this rounds fashion posts here. It is called It all starts with a smile. I will put the link below. Feel free to join the VIP group and help the sim stay open. You might spot me standing still for 10 hrs lol It is cloudy here so far today but I am hoping that the sun comes out so it can be a really nice day. I am crossing my fingers & toes lol.

I wish everyone an amazing day today. Saturday is always the one day of the week I look forward to. It should be like 48 hrs long lol. It just goes by so fast when you try to do a billion things but hey it never loses excitement. Thank you so much for stopping by. There is more posts to come. I am actually going to takes picks for more now and get to writing them up. So please make sure you stay tuned! <3333 xoxo Ebony

                                                           Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

Hair: booN- Gen Neutral event-
Groovy Romper- Cynful - Vintage Fair-
Jewelry- RealEvil and Pomposity
Shoes- N-core
Shar Pei Puppy- [Black bantam]
It all starts with a smile sim-

Bonus picture:

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