Hello there!!! SO glad to be posting an update of one of my showrooms!!! The location on Apple May Designs in the shopping district has been updated! It has been a little while since I refreshed it and I had the time to do it so...I did it!! I want to thank everyone who takes the time to visit my showrooms & the clients I have had.  It really makes me smile to know people are interested in something that I take a great deal of joy in doing. It is Spring time and I have a love for crisp white rooms. But since I love rustic feel I added some browns in there. The showrooms are a reflection of décor styling that is more my personality. I love rustic & glam things in RL. A dining room table with a rustic wood slab and a glam chandelier. SO much fun to start off like that! lol I had to take scripts out of my showroom furniture mainly because I would come over and my stuff would be different than I intended lol! Mainly anything texture change. I can decorate any type of style for any age or gender. Any type of feel is a possibility. I will be updating and changing things to keep things refreshed but if I waited to post when the time is perfect you would never see a post! I am always picking at things! lol. At least with decorating for other people there is a cut off. When it comes to me it is of course never ending. This post will be two posts long. I used items from Kalopsia, Apple Fall, Abiss, {anc} & junk. to name a few but you can see everything and click anything that has your attention.

I cannot fit everything in just one post. The location here is 3 stories tall so I try to make unique spaces on every level. Feel free to go up every level! I also made sure each space was walkable even though small spaces make that a hard task at times! Feel free to walk around the sim and shop the other stores on the sim including Apple May's mainstore. There is many places that are wonderful for pictures or relaxing time. Everything there is set up for that. I will be adding more Springy shrubbery and things around the sim to welcome in the lush season of Spring! I want to thank all of my friends and family for being amazing inspirations for my time spent here. It would not be the same without you. Thank you so much for stopping by and have a look at the refreshed showroom! Thank you so much!  MAJESTY 2016  <333 xoxo, Ebony

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