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Hello there!! New décor post today featuring Aphrodite! I really love this sauna boat! It comes partially furnished so you can add your own touches to make it yours. Did I mention it's a sauna boat?!  There is a inside cabin and a 2nd story deck area with a hammock. This boat could be your ultimate home on the water or party area. The possibilities are endless. But, it can fit to your needs very easily. It comes with extras like towel givers and candles. This could be your romantic retreat. I just love seeing it out in the water. I love the water on SL and with the different windlight settings they can be so soothing to the eyes. Especially when you are trying to do a billion things and you use your home as a screensaver lol. Every time I turn around there is something new out and I have to play catch up but it's been fun. I will be posting more of my showrooms also. It's like a toss up between what I want to post about next. It is hard since there is so much I want to show. But that is a good thing. It keeps it interesting.

I am not going to ramble long like normal. But I wanted to get this post done and posted asap! I hope you enjoyed it. I will of course have the links below so feel free to check it out. Thank you so much for stopping by. I really appreciate it and stay tuned as I have more to show you! xoxo, Ebony


Finnish Sauna Boat- Heart Homes- (Aphrodite shop)- Tres chic- ENDS TODAY-  (prob catch it at the store after this event) <3
Cactus- Soy.
Octopus rug & Survival map- Floorplan
Waves- Real Waves
Waterfalls- Landscapes unlimited

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