Majesty- Blooming Spring

Good day to everyone! Saturday is here!!! I am here with a new home décor post! Featuring Kalopsia new items! This beautiful chair comes in a few beautiful colors. I was almost using the rust color and going a totally different direction but my pink willow tree and flowers inspired me to just go all the way with pink and have a beautiful chill area that is truly dainty and girly. The only thing I cannot capture in these pictures is how the trees and flowers sway in the wind. It is really calming here. All of the greenery comes from Hayabusa Design which if you look at my blog or Flickr you know it is a favorite store of mine to get any type of greenery. It's nice to have the warmer weather but it's still been back and forth here. Cold them warm...then snow. I literally never know how I am going to dress from day to day. SO I have been wearing layers so in case it's warm I can take some things off lol!! Spring is nice but Summer is just so awful sometimes here with the humidity. I am going to enjoy Spring as long as I can. Even with all of this rain, cold air and even snow! lol

I hope everyone will enjoy this weekend! I am trying to play catch up but you know how that can go! Always a new event and new items to show you. But I keep up the best I can. I want to thank you so much for stopping by! I am not going to ramble today. The weekend goes as fast as lightning and I always have so much to do! Feel free to pick up these beautiful items and stop by my Majesty showrooms! <3333 Ebony
Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed 
Aimee's Chair- Kalopsia- Project7-
Greenery- Hayabusa Design
Duke Puffington- Jian
Shimmer Cloud- [keke]
Fur rug, Hybrid roses & Rosy Babybreath Suspender- Ariskea
Gazebo- Barnesworth Anubis
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 Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-  Feel free to join the group and landmark!!-
 Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location At Cynful-



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