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Hello there new home post today!! This time of year everyone wants to have some awesome water toys. This is a totally awesome way to have some family fun on here. I am featuring Heart Homes (Aphrodite shop) today with this amazing Shark island floater. You can sit in the pool, float, play ring toss, shoot the water gun, slide down the slide or just relax in one of the chairs. It has a ton of options, poses, seating positions and is truly a must have.  I was going to just post a couple of pics of the floater but I am having so much fun shooting water out of this shooter that I decided to take a picture of me being silly. I love gadgets and toys on Secondlife. I mean you can have anything you can dream of on here so why not just have fun? It is a little gloomy here today but that didn't stop us from doing things. As long as it's cloudy and not raining I won't complain much. lol

All of the floaties and toys you see are from Aphrodite shop and are worth getting. They are truly the one stop shop place for all your fun and family needs. I am always excited when they bring out something new. I know the items will add to the SL experience. I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!! I still have another home post to show you so please stay tuned. I thank you for stopping by! Much love, xoxo <333 Ebony

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Shark Island Floater, Loving couple floaters- Heart Homes (Aphrodite Shop)-
Fun Floating Island, Summer Pool Party, Kids floaters (Pizza Douhnuts and more)- Aphrodite shop-

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