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Hello there. I am happy to bring this brand spanking new home décor post to you today. There is truly not enough time in the day for me. But I am sitting here relaxing and this is the new space I am glad to call my little corner. Decorating is not work to me. I really enjoy it. But, I have to have everything perfect and that requires time. You will never see me throw a post together just to have something posted. This beautiful chair set is by Kalopsia and at the new round of the LTD event until the 24th! So make sure you go. Today is a gloomy type day and it has my hair frizzy lol. Come to think of it I think it seems gloomy to me just because it made my hair frizzy lol. The windlights and mood settings I have been blogging lately are a reflection of my mood. Plus I tend to like calm colors. I love decorating small homes and really make the space cozy but livable. Neutral colors just have a certain calm I love. These items can easily be used with other items of course as they are versatile.

I love things I can mix and match and bring my own mood/feeling to. Okay I am going to do some things but I thank you for stopping by! The credits for everything is below and a slurl to get to the event. I hope everyone enjoys the day and feel free to bookmark my blog and follow me on Flickr.

                                                          Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Betsey's Corner- (Chairs, Rug & Reading Lamp) - Kalopsia (NEW) at the Ltd event-
Grandma's Cabinet & Leather pouf- Kalopsia- Mainstore Location-
Flowers, Frames & clock- Apple Fall
Lanai large mirror- Cheeky pea
Metal her & Metal Him- junk.
Rainy Day Ceiling Hangs- Lost Junction (Collabor 88)


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