Organized Messiness

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well! I have a new home post for you today. I am  featuring this adorable set from Kalopsia called Vintage Mini set. The set includes the lamp, screen and the gray rug. The panels and the drape on the screen changes colors and also the lamp shade. So you can really incorporate this in your space to fit your needs. This set is at the new round of Kustom9. You can never have too much home décor. You really can't. I actually love going back and redoing homes ive done before in a totally different way. There is always a new way to challenge yourself. I am extremely ocd. lol. So I am very particular about everything being in the perfect spot, which is good and bad at times. The worst are the moments you feel like something is missing but cannot put your finger on it. But those moments are very few for me since so many nice things have come out this year. I started out with the room being white but wanted to add more neutral colors in this space. I wanted it to feel very calming and also a space a male or female would enjoy.

I did add some lights but not as many as I tend to use. I really go nuts with lights in sl. I really do. They add that sparkle that I love without being girly or too much. I resized one of the lamps. The one on the left is the original size and I supersized the one on the right. I don't feel there are rules when decorating unless there has been some set. I usually just go with how im feeling and it comes to me. I tend to like organized messiness. Which is how I decorated this space. I have some random extra décor pieces scattered around but they don't look as though they were tossed without care. Just go with what makes you happy! I hope everyone is having an awesome day. The weather here is a little to hot but it is really beautiful. I am really enjoying it. Thank you so much for stopping by. I have another post coming to you soon so please stay tuned for that. <3

                                                     Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Vintage Mini set- Kalopsia- Kustom9 (new)-

Buttoned pillows, statues & Canopy- Kalopsia- Mainstore location-

Lights, Garden tree & Wall collage- tarte.
Striped rug- The Loft
Sofa & Flower mirror- Pilot
Boombox- Remarkable oblivion (RO)
Drum Table-junk.
Headphones, books and shoes décor- Bazar
Flowers- Con.&floorplan & Apple Fall (white iris)
Box of Doughnuts & Coffee table- {what next}


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