Majesty- Perfectly Boho Pt.2

Hello there! Told you I would be back for a part two of this awesome space. This windlight setting I am using is so calm and I really feel like I am in the tropics somewhere letting my hair blow in the wind. Happy Sunday my friends!! I am just enjoying the day and wanted to get this second post out today. I am actually busy decorating today and getting some rl things done. The weekend being two days is not enough. I would vote for Monday being part of the weekend also. I really would lol. Most of these items are at the Arcade by Kalopsia in this newest gacha key and they are must haves. This is like the ultimate chill space. I really enjoy this space and of course wanted to share this with you. I only added greenery on the outside and a few lil pieces on the inside that had the same boho type feel in the second picture. I like messing with spaces and gutting them out but I can't even mess around too much with perfection lol.

I don't think this week is going to be freezing like last week but man yall I have no idea how to dress from day to day because of the weird weather we are receiving. I started wearin spring stuff and then had to break out my snow boots and search for a thick sweater!! Weather like this will have you sick so I am making sure I am bundled up even when it is pretty outside. It's really weird. Well I am going to finish some things but wanted to say I appreciate you checkin out the blog! Feel free to bookmark me. Many Many Many more things to come I am working on some awesome things! I appreciate you coming by. Thank you xoxo, Ebony <33333

                                                          Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Bibi's Hideaway @ The Arcade- Kalopsia

Free Spirit Mandala Pouffe, Elephant Pouffe & Free Spirit Cabinet- Cheeky Pea
floating watering cans-Striped Mocha
Healing Crystals {gold}- SPELL
Witchy Flying Monkey- RARE- *HEXtraordinary*- The Arcade
lazy square frame- floorplan


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