Majesty- Oh Baby! (Dreamy Moments)

Hey there!! This post is for all the baby having people on SL. if you are having babies then you really need this awesome baby shower set. It is super adorable! I am featuring Aphrodite shop today. They have a good variety of party sets for baby showers and I am featuring the Baby Boy version today. Yea, I have it all dreamy looking today. What you do not see is the seating I have all over this place. One thing I love to do is set up spaces for celebrations. I get to go crazy with balloons and sparkle! If it can be over the top and you want it over the top....I can make the space go far and beyond. This baby shower set has so many cute foods and decoration for your very special day. It is truly a must have set. You can also mix and match the items and give it a more personal and creative feel.

I usually do posts during the weekend and got behind this week. This is not the only post that I just finished so be sure to stay tuned. More home décor posts of course are coming next. I like to focus on one thing once I get going and I am doing home projects atm. Listening to some good music and just going with it. Happy Sunday everyone. Thank you so much for stopping by today. I always say I appreciate it and I really do. Feel free to bookmark me and follow me on Flickr. Stay Tuned as I have more awesome things to share. xoxo, Ebony <3

Please Note: Most furniture sets I blog are family friendly. Aphrodite Shop has a ton of family friendly furniture and they have many animations and things to add realism to your roleplay.

                                                          Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


"Its a boy" baby shower set- Aphrodite shop-

Fancy Statue- Kalopsia

Kaede Cabin Natural-Trompe Loeil
The Moulded Wall Panel - wallpaper A1- Brook Hill Living
Fancy White Piano Multiposes -CHEZ MOI

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