Majesty- Perfectly Boho Pt.1

Happy Saturday my friends. It is such a pretty day today. Once I got to thinking hey Spring is around the snows! lol SO it is still colder here but not as cold as it was at the beginning of the week. I actually hoped for a blizzard. We just didn't have a big snow this year and it makes me fearful for Mosquitoes this summer. I really can't stand those things. I was hoping if we got more cold snow for a big chunk of time the ones that thought it was cool to come out during the few warm 70 something days we had would just croak over! lol Yes it's mean but it's the truth. I am here with this awesome set from Kalopsia at the newest round of the Arcade. This set is truly beautiful and I just took my pictures over. They didn't give off the feel I wanted and were just too dark for my liking so I hope yall like these pics.  The build is the rare and this awesome bed lounger. But there is so many other cute and pretty décor extras you also get in this gacha key that it is truly a must have. I will blog the inside of it tomorrow of course so you can see everything. I typically gut out spaces and use other things but this space as set up is so perfect. I just added some perfect extras I felt screamed they needed to be in it.

I have this whole little chill area on my land and it's really perfect for it. It looks small but when you are inside it is really the perfect size and it gives that indoor outdoor feeling I love to much.. You can make it fun or really make it classy and neutral. It is really all up to you and your tastes. I really love this space. I am also glad I was able to share it with you today. Okay it is Saturday people! I hope everyone enjoys the day and the weekend. May it go by slow as hell lol!!! This I sayeth!! Thank you so much for stopping by. I do appreciate it. Bookmark me! xoxo , Ebony <3333

Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


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