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Hello there!!! I am featuring [Cynful] and booN today. The weather has been really weird here lately. Last week it was so warm and now my butt is sitting here freezing and turning the heat on. The weekend just always goes by too fast for me lol. So many things to do in one little time period. Happy Sunday to you :) I have on two hairs by booN. I like wearing the bang hairpieces with different hairs. They really give you your own little unique hairdo and it's just fun for me. My outfit is from [Cynful] and like always there is a billion pretty colors to choose from or just get a fatty. There is so many customization choices with this outfit that makes it a true must have. Chest panels, pockets, hardware all can be changed to fit your needs. I had a hard time choosing what color combination I wanted to wear today but I liked the red since I already had on lipstick. I love bein gin rain in SL but you will not see my azz standing in the rain in rl. That stereotype is true for me anyways. It's like kryptonite for me lol. Well according to how my hair is. My hair just being done or me getting my hair done again soon is 2 different things! lol But, hey this is SL so whatever people!
I am still working on some home décor posts. I have something awesome from the Arcade that just needs to be shown. I appreciate you stopping by! I love being able to grow within not only my blog, my projects and have so many people that appreciate my work. I truly thank you for being a part of my journey and you help me get better everyday. I wish you a blessed week ahead. Feel free to bookmark my blog and follow me on Flickr. Links below. Thank you xoxo, Ebony

                                                          Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Take Note Set- [Cynful]- Kinky Monthly Event-
Mae.001 hair & TIH824 Hair- booN

Athena- N-core
Medusa Earrings- Ryca
Leash Holder- Pomposity
Poses- {PM} & BEZ!

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