Majesty- Design of a Decade

Hello there! Peace and blessings to you!I am just here excited andddd I wanted to show my excitement today. I have been on SL 10 years! A whole decade wow. Ebony is not my first doll. I just had to explain that in SL LOL. My blog is way older than you see on here. I started on Wordpress and my goodness if you look at my old pictures on here you would not want to see my older ones from my original blog on Wordpress! LOL I looked and said........umm no. Won't be sharing that. I just can't yall it's bad...very bad. My little decorating posts are so plain and...Lord Thank you for helping me along the way. I have come a LONG way decorating, blogging and taking pictures! I am blessed to still have many people I have had from the very start of my time on SL which is also amazing!!  When you have had people in your life this long they aren't just sl pixels. They are truly family. I have some newer family (a few years) and I cannot imagine how I was on SL w/o them before. Everyone is so awesome and my small circle is perfect. I am really thankful. You do not need a billion random friends. But, It's awesome to have a good many real friends and family. I am by no means a perfect person. I am a Cancer Zodiac sign and I can be moody, OCD and a perfectionist. But, I am very affectionate, loving, loyal and honest. The OCD has really made my attention to detail pretty pristine though. So I won't complain too much! lol The moodiness however is just a part of the package! lol I always give that disclaimer beforehand.  I never celebrate my rez days. Birthday and rez day? I know too many people for that lol. Plus I rarely ask for anything. Another reason the date past and I didn't notice like I would have wanted to. This post is featuring Cheeky Pea. This new set now at Uber inspired me and I went with it. The creator of Cheeky Pea is really sweet. I have had to bother her a few times and she has always been kind. I make note of this because not all of these creators are kind and it's important to shine a light on the ones that are. The cakes and balloons are from Dust Bunny. Pretty popular items right now but really fit my mood  for this jovial space. I have bonus pictures! It was hard to decide which side of the party space to show but I got a good many angles. I didn't want all my pics to be of the same area over and over. This Celebutante set is pretty awesome. It has texture change curtains, sofa and coffee table with an opening to store or hide things. My theme of my party space was inspired by the colors from this set! I almost used the black texture to have a classy monotone celebration BUT I just wanted to go wild! LOL Bold colors yall! Got to love bold colors! Look at the Little lamb for my MOOD! He is my mood right now! LOL \o/

10 years yall. I have all kinds of advice for new people. ALL KINDS. But, I am not going to get started on all of that. I honestly didn't expect to be on here 10 yrs. LOL These heffas just won't let me quit! I am still here and getting better every day. I want to thank every one who has bookmarked me on here and all of my followers on Flickr! I am thankful to now be at 1.8k followers. At first I would look and be like ooh if I could only get to 50 followers! LOL Once I just got into doing my own thing I stopped looking at numbers and was so surprised the other day. I want to thank you so much! Helping other people make their space "their" own space means so much to me. I love being able to inspire someone to decorate. It is honestly what keeps me blogging. Blogging is something I take really seriously and it's a passion for me and I give so much effort in each space I decorate no matter how big or small. I try to do better with each new space and I thank you for following me on this journey. I will continue to decorate and blog as long as the Lord permits. I can say that much for sure. This space was my way of showing my excitement to my decade and I wondered at first if I was going to be able to capture that in my picture and these show it perfectly. The little lamb lol..I looked and him and said yes! lol I am enjoying this celebration space and I hope it inspires you as well. I wish you a blessed day and weekend! Thank you very very much. Love and blessings to you. xoxo <333 Ebony

                                                             Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

Celebutante Set- Cheeky Pea - New at Uber!-
Stardreamer Rugs & Taylor Hanging Light String- Cheeky Pea Mainstore Location-
Adelaide Party Light Blue- Trompe Loeil - Also at Uber-

 pastel celebration  sets- Pastel & Glam,  happy hour tray,  pink medinilla plant, & lighted jar . type a- All from Dust bunny
Wonky Weenies :: Habada the Pilot (Wanderer)- Jian
 Uptown Fountain Arch- Unkindness
 Layla Stool - Pink- MudHoney
 My Little Lamb & Teacup Pomeranian - MishMish -
Ivory Shag Rug MESH- La Galleria
Ice cream & Doughnut parfaits- Poche
Casolare Table Runner & Casolare Table Cloth and Runner-The Loft 
KOI Square Confetti Path - Gold- E.V.E 
Lucero Skyhome- Spargel & Shine homes

  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location- [Cynful] Location-


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