Majesty- Camping in Style

Hello there!Happy Friday to you! September is here! WOO!! More home decor posts are coming your way! I am real big on roleplay on sl. I enjoy having things that make the experience on here as real as possible and I enjoy having items that enhance roleplay. This camping set from Aphrodite shop fits the bill. Fall is soon coming thankfully. LOL I am so over the summer humidity and these freaking gnats. I rather have a fly in here than a damn gnat. They will fly into your eye if they could! Too small and way too fast....well sometimes :) Take that sucker! LOL I love fruit but they also love fruit so to not have to fight with them I haven't had any fruit this whole season. Just horrible. This camping set yall....If you have a yard and need something for it. This is it. The chairs have many anims including sitting, drinking, playing a guitar, & talking on the phone to name a few. Easily adjustable with the menu to sit yourself correctly. I am sitting by the cooking fire on the side of the tent just chilling. I just couldn't resist using it lol. The food was calling me.There is also anims here such as cookbook,cooking,warming solo and couple. This tent doesn't look huge but it can have at the very least several avis in it. There is even kid sleeping bags yall for you family people! Just too much to show you just need to go have a look. But it's pretty awesome and you really need a camping space for the Fall/Winter/Spring Seasons.

I tried out everything and the sleeping bags do have a good many animations :) I didn't know how I wanted to take pictures since the tent is located in a very full lush green garden. Yall know how I do! lol I just love greenery. I was going to show more of the garden but really wanted to focus on the camping area mainly. I have so much to do today so I will not ramble long today. Thank you so much for stopping by. Praying for you if you are in Texas, Nigeria & Sierra Leone. The news just doesn't cover everything it needs to but you have to be aware of what's going on. I have a special post coming up tomorrow celebrating my billions of years in SL. So please stay tuned for that also. Thank you and be blessed. <3333 xoxo Ebony
                                                              Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


"Dreamy lake valley" Big families or friends camping set- Aphrodite shop- On9 event- demo here-
Fireflies (Lightning Bugs)- Kalopsia

Sweet Garden Grass07 & wire grass - green a - HappyMood
grass field lush-[we're CLOSED] 
Pampas M16-13 v1-1-Hayabusa Design 
Sunflowers{Field}- Little Branch
GRASS (Old Group gift)- Fanatik

Golden Shower Tree 7xcolors C/M- 3D trees
Cliffs- Skye Studio
Super long Hanging Hedera-Soy. 
Jake's Short Lantern- Cheeky pea
Scruffy Shepherds *25PR* Picnic Basket REZ- Jian
Mesh Mediterranean Cypress- Botanical

  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location-[Cynful] Location-


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