Majesty- Salem's Calling Part Two.

Hello there! You thought I was done showing you my new space? No way. I was just getting started good. This is the inside of the church. It is only 25 land impact people. There is so much you can do with a build with such a small prim count. I have it set up with the alter and chairs etc. But this space can easily be a small studio home, office, store and anything you can think of. All of these items are at the Salem event made by Kalopsia. I actually got into the event today and got a few things. I can never have too many décor items. You always need new stuff to add to the good oldies in your inventory to help refresh things. I have gotten rid of some old items that just don't look nice anymore. But, I still do have many older items that still look good and you would never guess I got them like over a year or so ago. These items are those types of items. They will look just as good a year from now and I am sure I will be using them throughout the next year.

Do not be surprised to see this build again in many different ways in the future. I really love redecorating spaces that are versatile to see the any possibilities with them. This is also a good build to have for a 250 prim space challenge. I sometimes challenge myself to use the smallest amount of prims possible and nicely fill up a space! My best decorated space had interior and a full exterior garden and believe it or not I was under 250 count total. It can be done. I have also done spaces with less prims than that. It is always fun for me. I believe that we all should have awesome spaces regardless of the prim count limit and with mesh this can be accomplished! Just awesome. Well I am going to stop rambling for now and I appreciate you stopping by of course. I got pic happy so there is a bonus picture below!! Stay tuned!! I am still posting! xoxo, Ebony

                                                             Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Tabitha's Spellbound Collection Gacha & Salem Booth items @ Salem event- Made by Kalopsia-

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