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Hello there! bringing you a more Halloween spooky typed post today featuring Kalopsia. I do not celebrate Halloween. However, I do not mind decorating for themes. I always love the spooky type things that come from the store. I have new items here from the Salem event! very popular event I cannot get in to save my life today! lol It is packed and that is a good thing. Support awesome creators like the creator of Kalopsia! The church is an amazing build and I had to take my time looking it over since I love looking at little details. The textures are really nice and I love the floors. I will post more of this build in a second part post. One blog post isn't enough. Some of the items like the dark spirits and hearse are older Kalopsia items. Truly oldies but goodies. The church, signs, pentagram and death do us part frame is all from the Salem event. I was going to use black trees.. I did go to Hayabusa but didn't find black. I do have some here and I used some gray trees from Hayabusa Designs. I actually think they worked out better since the trees and the fog seem to add to the spooky look of this awesome space.

 This is a 3 part series with me showing the inside next post and a fashion post!! Super busy rainy day for me today yall. So, I do not have the time to do my usual ramble. Most of the items are from Kalopsia! I am not home to finish all of the credits. If you do not see something listed I will fix it later. Thank you so much for stopping by. I really appreciate it. I hope everyone is safe! Hopefully the worst of this Hurricane is over. <3 Stay tuned
Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed
Tabitha's Spellbound Collection Gacha & 'Till death do us apart' Frame  @ Salem- Made By Kalopsia-
The hearse, coffin and dark spirits are also from Kalopsia!
Grey Trees- Hayabusa Designs
Black trees-
Urban brown road-Roost
Fog- {anc}
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