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Hello there!!! It is Fall season! How I love the Fall season. *sighs* The holidays, the nice weather, my boots and coats lol. My least favorite season is Summer. I am happy to see it go. Goodbye and take all the damn gnats with you. I kid you not I had a gnat in here that wouldn't go away. But he did when he flew into my last bowl of pudding and I went nuts on him lol! Good riddance! My first post celebrating fall. SO excited. I am featuring Aphrodite shop today with this beautiful dining set. It fits the fits the season! It is also available in a wood brown color. I am using the Elfin build today from Scarlet Creative. I feel like a big ass kid in this house. Each little home with it's own personality is just amazing. The last one on the end is what I made into a dining house. It's whimsical but the inside looks so regal with this set. I had fun with camera angles today. Trying to spice it up a little bit, Sometimes it can be hard showing the space in just one basic camera position.

I just wanted you to see everything. I never show a space where it's just a lil area decorated. The whole space (house) Is always decorated. But I like focusing on the feature of my post or the feel I am trying to get across. This house is so tall that you get to see the stars out of the window. This dining set is at the Tres Chic event until the 5th of this month and then it should be at the mainstore. I will post the link below of course for you to tp to it. I am working on new blog posts since I have more new things to show you so stay tuned! Thank you so much for stopping by. I of course appreciate it. <333 Ebony

                                                      Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Harvert dining room set- Fall Tea Table V1- Aphrodite Shop- Tres Chic event until the 5th.

Cat Pumpkin :: Smol and not smol- jian
Darling rug- dust bunny
Hot Cocoa [Marshmellows]-!Ohmai
Poppy Seed Loaves & Long Curtain- Apple Fall
Hanging candle v1 / pearl L- Floorplan
Odette round topiaries- Trompe Loeil
Taylor Hanging Light String- cheeky pea
Greek Key Mirror & Lady Statue- compulsion
Mathis Fireplace- The Loft
White flowers- kalopsia
Majestic wall lamp- TARTESSOS ARTS
Snazz snake plant [mix 1]- hive
Build (Elvin Leaves)- Scarlet Creative- Collabor 88
Shimmer cloud- [ keke ]

*Bonus Pic

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