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Hey there!! Time for a new home décor post. I am featuring Aphrodite shop today with this new living room set. It wouldn't be me if I didn't take away and add some things. I am not really a person that rezzes things as is and keeps it moving lol. This set comes with a coffee table and lamps I do not have pictured here. I will leave a link below to see the ad for the store so you can see everything. It goes from feeling like Summer here to going back to Fall. People are getting sick left and right. I truly love the fall. This space is a testament to that. This set comes with many animations and is perfect inside or outside of your house. I have this on the outside patio of my house. It has some vibrant colors on the pillow that let you decide how you want to decorate it. This sim has palms and a tropical feel but I wanted this space to feel tropical yet with that Fall flair. I hope you like it:) My mood is always chill when I am decorating. I cut music on and just go with it. Every space I decorate is a reflection of my mood. I am a moody person. It is really no secret. lol I have embraced it actually.

I am just chilling out while I clean out my pictures and clean my inventory. It is a huge mess atm and it's begun to actually effect me. I have to know what I have without going through a billion folders. So, I will be getting more organized this week ahead. This is truly a beautiful and blessed Fall day. The rest of the week will be cool here so I am breaking out my sweaters for this week. Everyone is wearing boots here though even when the weather turns weird and goes to 80 degrees. We just wanna wear out boots lol. This is the season. The magical  season for the start of my favorite holidays. I am trying to work on my pictures to bring them to you as I see the in-world. Never stop improving. I have some more new offerings to show you. I am not rambling long today. The day is going by too fast and I wanna post this here and Flickr now.

                                                      Stay Fierce* Stay Blessed

*Bonus Pic

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Modern Fall Living room set- Flickr ad- Aphrodite shop -

Marketplace link-

Flowers- Apple Fall & The Loft
Soiree Lamps & end tables- Ariskea (I love these lamps)
Living light pumpkin- Real lights
Platane Tree- Hayabusa Design

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