Majesty- Let's BBQ!

Hello there! I am excited to bring you a post featuring Aphrodite shop. I truly love the amazing things that come from the store. I am always super excited to try a new item and this Floating BBQ is amazing yall. A lot of people like to roleplay. I know I love to roleplay cooking on SL! lol This is truly for everyone even if you don't rp. With fall coming soon...I will even put this in my hot tub. I am in my doll babies pool today with the BBQ but I also thought of using it in my hot tub, or the water (ocean) around my house. The possibilities are endless of course. This is my newest fav gadget since the Sushi Monster truck and it's awesome as well. There is many different dishes you can cook and you actually get to watch it cook in front of your eyes. Actually there is a total of 11 different foods you can cook from raw to finish. Here you will see the middle stage of me cooking burgers and to the right is the tray you click when you are done cooking. What you see on the tray is the end results of cooking the hamburgers and now they are ready to be served. Awesome? yes! This awesome bbq is at the On9 event until the 28th and it's 25% off of the regular price and worth every penny. Most of my home décor posts do not include me. But, I wanted to show me using the spatula cooking so you can see an example. Other people can also sit on it and relax. I actually prefer not being in my home posts lol. SO I am here in a bikini. lol

If you must buy something to day then this is that item to buy. I think I am actually going to move this into my living room. I am sure I can make it work and who says I can only have this in one spot? Yep, no one. It's SL people. Put this awesome grill anywhere you want it. I am wearing a bikini from Cynful and a beautiful new hair from booN. booN is the best place to get beautiful braids and these have been updated with new textures. There is also a cornrow base to go with them. I have mine pretty blended on my head so you can actually barely see it on these pictures. Really pretty. This hair is at the Hairology event until the 30th. Well I am done rambling for now. I hope everyone is having an amazing day. Monday is always a bit sluggish for me. Thank you so much for stopping by. xoxo <333 Ebony

                                                          Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

*Bonus Pic


Floating BBQ- Aphrodite-On9 Event-

Pool- Mudd Puddles
Trees- HPMD & Hayabusa Designs
Rocks- HPMD
Grass- We're Closed
Flowers- Hayabusa Design

hair- booN- booN Lab.052 hair (Materials)- Hairology event-
Chain Bikini- [Cynful]-
Jewelry- Ryca

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