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Hello there! Home décor posts coming. I have decorated a school on here before. It has been some time ago but it was a quaint little one and I made sure it had all of the essentials. I am happy to be featuring Kalopsia with this adorable gacha set today. It is at the Chapter four event until the 21st. I have here a school set up with this awesome set. I figured half pink and half wood would be the right balance. I really had fun setting up this space. It is raining in my neck of the woods today and I am glad to be indoors. I typically post two pictures. But today I want to do more than 2 on here. It will be a bonus. When I first started my blogging on this site (I used to blog on wordpress) years ago I posted several pictures per post. I am so picky half the time I cannot take that many pictures and like them all. I just pick what I consider the best two of the bunch. Sometimes when you have an awesome set to blog like this though....2 pictures just aren't enough.

I set up this classroom full with desks and extras and even a teacher. I know soda machines are not healthy but I had to stick one in here. It helps to keep the kids awake people lol.  Most of the items in this space is by Kalopsia. The building I am using is by Scarlet Creative. It is one of the older ones from last year but it is 100% mesh and really nice and woody. The perfect build for a little rural schoolhouse. it's the Princess Jezibell Snug (Larger Size). I love that the creator has a larger size for those of us that do not want to see ceilings while they are walking in their home. I do not like avatar sized builds at all. I do have some but I mostly just use them for others that like that and sometimes with a blog post. I cannot live my SL in a home like that. It's so claustrophobic to me. I just can't yall.
Here is a full view of the space. I love everything in this set and as you can see it makes the perfect classroom. I love little extra décor touches and the bookbags are awesome. There is 3 different ones and they are very detailed. There is also more décor extras. The desks are rares along with an agenda book. I will leave the Gacha key below so you can have a look at it but these items are so cute. Well I am not going to ramble forever today yall. I have stuff to do and this rain is making me lazy. Thank you so much for stopping by I have more to show you. SO feel free to bookmark me and have a look back. <3333333 xoxo Ebony.

                                                               Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Daisy's school set-
The Chapter four event-

Tamsin's World Map, Celine's Pictures,  Tamsin's Desk,Tamsin's Notepad,  Tamsin's Pile of Books, Sadie's Art & Sadie's Stools - All from- Kalopsia

Circle Chalkboard, locker consoles &  room divider - metal- [Brixley]
Princess Jezibell Snug (Larger size)- Scarlet Creative
Ambrose dark rug- ARIA
Restored Soda Machines- [Con.]
kitty & cat computers- DUst Bunny
World map art & -Bedroom floor lamp w/o cable- Bazar
[Hue] Rug- Ariskea
Books & Map- Apple Fall
road map- tarte.

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