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Hello there!! Happy Saturday everyone. It is time for a new post. I am happy to be featuring Kalopsia today. I am featuring items available this round of Uber and The men's Dept. I have a lot of amazing décor in this space and I listed everything below of course. If I missed anything just let me know but I have tired eyes lol. This space is located in my Carnaval house. When there is so many cute homes to decorate with it is very hard to just choose one. This is one colorful house but I chose it because while it is colorful it compliments these items so well and has a soft elegance to it. The pop of color on the ceiling is just what I needed in a space I filled with crisp neutral colors. The Love letters on the wall are at The Men's Dept and you can spell out anything you want. They are more industrial but they fit nicely in this space on the wall I wanted to have them at. The only thing I decided not to use was my new peacock. You couldn't see the Love on the wall at all with those big fluffy feathers behind it. Otherwise I am really enjoying this space. It's so full of light and it's not bright at all. All of the lanterns I am using give off a subtle light so it isn't hard on the eyes. I am usually on a darker Windlight setting on SL but I also looked at my new space in a bright view also and it's not bright by any means. I think it's just the right amount to give off the dreamy feeling that I like putting throughout spaces. hey, It's just my thing. How can you hate on that dreamy feeling? lol

I added subtle sparkles and extra décor to finish off this space. I like having extras in a space but not so many that you are walking on them. If I walk on furniture I feel like a total noob. That is one of my first memories as a noob on sl..walking on my furniture. That is a huge peeve of mine now. back then it was just funny as hell though lol. Plus all my furniture was nooby and free. I thought someone came in and stole it one day but I figured out later it was set for sale at 0 Lindens lol!! Hey it takes a special butthole to come in a nooby persons house and steal all the nooby furniture. This stuff doesn't get taken like that and I have truly come a long way. Thank you for joining me on my journey. Decorating is a real passion of mine and whether  I decorate your space or not if you find something on my blog that you can use or help make your space special that is enough for me. Thank you so much for stopping by! Stay Tuned!!

                                                      Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

Madeleine's Afternoon Delight- Kalopsia @ Uber-
Worn Wooden Alphabet- Kalopsia- The Men's Dept-
Leather Pouf, Percival's Bust, Briony's Curtains ,Leslie's Beads Lamp, Arrow Curtains, Bicolore Vase
Carnaval House- Scarlet Creative
Glass cloche with Mushroom coral, Snow jar & Wall Art -dripdrop- Soy.
[ Soiree ] Suspender Lamp- Ariskea
Shimmer cloud- [ keke ]
Pearl's Mobile- Vagabond
Topiary &  Greek Key Mirror- Compulsion
Planter- *AF*
Martini Table, Jabode mirror & beige floral rug- The loft
pom pom blanket- Dust Bunny
throw rug / stars- Brocante.
ChainLamp- {anc}
Darlington Planter - Jian
deerhead chandelabra- DRD
fairy dust pendant- Striped Mocha

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