Majesty- Let's have a party!

Hey there! I am excited to bring another home post today! This heat is kicking my ass. I am not even playing yall. I have not only a headache but a toothache atm! lol I am featuring this new party set from Aphrodite shop today. It is Paris inspired and really has the girlyness level at the most. It comes with tables, balloons and yes food. What more can you ask for? Well yes the food dispenses also! I really love this party set because you won't have to fuss over finding too many things to make your party awesome. When I start out decorating sometimes I do not have a set idea in mind. It just comes to me. My invy isn't organized. Well not like I want it to be but I know where everything is. It's kind of weird lol. It's just hard to throw stuff away when some things you buy aren't in if you delete it..poof it's gone and I won' remember I had it till a year later! lol I wanted to show the beautiful party set and have a close up with food. there is many goodies with this set and they look totally yummy for the foodies out there! Aphrodite shop has released many food type of items lately and they are not to be missed.

I am just not a Summer season person. Even when it's a blizzard here I am not wishing for this hot weather to come sooner lol. I prefer the in between seasons like Fall and Spring. They are nice to go out in and you won't be uncomfortable. 100 degree weather is just not what I want right now. Plus the fact that some people either don't wear deodorant or it has failed them lol. I went to the store today and was going to get some of my favorite cold chai tea but it seems everyone else had that idea to. I am so glad the last time I went I got two canisters so I still have one left. It just relaxes me. I still have more to show you and by the time you see this I will be working on a few fashion posts. Well I am off to be productive while I have the time and a big cup of tea. I wish you a blessed day and thank you for stopping by. Please make a bookmark and follow me on Flickr if you just rather see pictures and not my rambling <33333 xoxo Ebony

                                                    Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

Paris themed party set- Aphrodite shop-
Happy Hour tray- Dust Bunny
Topiaries- Compulsion
Alexand Chair- The Loft
Wingback chair- Apple Fall
Vintage camera light- junk.
London Dots- [ keke ]
Aria Cottage- Scarlet Creative
Taylor String Lights- Cheeky pea
Barn door slider- Brocante.

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