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Hello there!! I hope everyone is having a good evening. I wanted to come on here and post something new! New home décor post today featuring Aphrodite shop. I am featuring the Family Fun complete camping set today. The set comes with a rezzer for those that just want everything set up without having to do it yourself. But for the people like me who like to decorate and have things in certain places it also comes with the items in the folder so you can drag as you like. The tents are texture change with several options. I went with city camo and green camo. I love camoflauge textures. There is also a solid blue and a pink for the girly girls. The set has so many items in it..tents, chairs, décor, air bed, sitting log, fire pit, cooking station and more. Of course there is animations for everyone including the kiddos. It is really nice to see how Aprhrodite shop makes so many family oriented items that take into consideration a family roleplay and incorporates kid animations. This is not a seasonal item as I can see the use of a camping set year round. I blogged a camping set form Aphrodite around this time last year. They got feedback from that set and added more animations for kiddos. I really loved that set could actually get both and mix and match but that is something I would do lol. The prim count of these items are so small you can really make the whole experience.

The mesh grass didn't work inside. I didn't want grass sticking out of places at random lol. If you look at my blog often you will know that I love lush greenery and a ton of plants, trees and grass. I love having a lush garden but I think it's also because I been on here so long and remember the days where having one tree was a big thing. now don't get me wrong you can still get 30 prim trees on sl now with mesh but there is so many lower prim options now that it is fun just to go all out! I had a tree that was 30 prims when I had a small parcel and having just two of them out made the struggle real lol. The bulk of the trees I use now are between 2-8 land impact usually. It really really makes a difference with what I can do in a garden. Okay well I am done rambling. I have to keep this train moving while I am on a roll. Thank you so much for stopping by. I really appreciate it. Please feel free to bookmark me and check back. I blog home décor and fashion but my real passion is home décor of course. 9 times out of 10 if I am on sl I am decorating. If I am not doing that I am harassing someone lol. Or I am getting harassed! lol  Have a blessed day. xoxo <3 Ebony

                                                           Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


"Family Fun" Complete Camping Set - Aphrodite SL- Tres Chic event-

Fireflies (Lightning Bugs)- Kalopsia
Grass- Fanatik & We're Closed
Trees- HPMD


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