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Good Sunday to everyone!! Today I am doing a fashion post featuring Apple May Designs. I kid you not I have been wearing this dress for a straight week. I am enjoying the beautiful sunshine today.  Me and my big sister were rezzing our stuff from luxe box and I can honestly say the items that made me very happy today were from Scarlet Creative & mish mish. Hands down they were freaking awesome. I just rezzed a new house and decorated it yesterday so I am like damn I wanna decorate this one too lol. This dress is available in several colors and I of course put on black. It is for mesh bodies so please take note of that and it is so pretty. Yall I have an addiction to Jian animals and stuff lol. I was trying to get the rare cat and didn't. But I got this holding one and I love it. It's so freaking cute!! Plus the texture options so we can match and be divas works for me. I am wearing two wigs. My bangs are from booN and the other hair is from Little bones. I tend to like hairs without bangs sometimes. It just depends on my mood. But I was like man I need a bang! I love that booN has bang hair attachments so you can add them for the hairs you get from booN and from any other store you can get to somewhat match. The creator of little bones was very sweet to me this past week when I had a delivery issue. I really appreciate her! Just another of many reasons I will go to her store.  This bling is from Realevil. I tend to keep on the same jewelry sometimes and just use the easy hud to change colors to my liking. Huds make the world go around. Especially for people that don't have the time to fiddle and change so much.

I was looking for a nice place to take pictures and came across this beautiful space. It will not be around long so if you want to have a look I will post slurl info with the credits once I find it. I have ran to so many places this week I cannot find the damn landmark right at this second. I will find it.
Shout out to my sis. She caught me when I first got on here today and she has a home with a kitchen and pillows on the floor. That was all in the whole damn space.As much as I decorate and MY sister didn't have a furnished spot!?!? Oh no, lol...that mess made me itch! So I just got her set!! It wasn't many prims so I was able to use some low land impact nice items and have her looking like the diva she is! Now I have to do some other stuff. Set up for more blog posts, check on the Fruitatious sim, check on my own home and get rl stuff done. It's just not enough time in the day. SO yea my sis needed me and I knocked it out! BOOM. Okay I am in a silly mood today yall. I wish everyone a blessed week. Thank you truly for stopping by. Credits BeeeeLow!! <333 xoxo Ebony

Bonus picture:

                                                           Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Dress for Tea (Buy now only on Marketplace) - Apple May Designs-
booN -
Little Bones (Grimes)-

Floofy Felines- Jian
Jewels- RealEvil Industries

Location: Mourningstar-


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