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Hey there!! Time for a new home décor post featuring Kalopsia!! So much is going on in my neck of the woods with this being a holiday today. Happy Memorial Day to all of the people that are currently serving and to the veterans. People are all over the place and the weather is just beautiful yall. Today I bring to you this space I put in the upstairs of my loft home. Of course I had to add some sparkle and a cute puppy. It just wouldn't be me if I didn't lol. I have been getting these posts together while trying to manage everything. It went from Winter to Summer in a matter of a few days here lol. Weather like this will have you with a cold in hot surroundings and I am trying to avoid that. I am trying to finish a few rooms in my family sl home today. Actually I am on the game room right now. I am also working on a new way to show everyone what I do when I am in world and excited for when I can post about it. I am using a windlight setting that is making most everything purple. SO if you see this purple hue that is what it is. Although the sofa is purple and some of the other furnishings such as the bench in the Charlize set.. The sofa is texture change so you can match your space to your taste.

I cannot ramble long today!! I hope everyone is eating good and enjoying some cookouts! Thank you so much for stopping by. I will pot more this week. I have some awesome things to show you and more updates on my showrooms! Fell free to stop by and have a look. I appreciate it. Thank you<3

                                                         Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


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London Dots- [ keke ]
Pomeranian- Mish Mish (luxe box item)
Ruffle Ottoman Décor- Pilot
[Hue ] rug & Ceilling Bulb Light - Ariskea
Dropped dress- Dutchie
Salad Days - Record Player (Blush)- Tres Blah
Hayden Clothing Rack- [ARIA]
Paper Mache Hot Air Balloon- Serenity Styles (Whimsical event)
Lanai Large Mirror Cloud- Cheeky Pea
Majestic Wall Lamp- TA (TARTESSOS ARTS)

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