Majesty- Femme Fatale

Hello there!!! I am thrilled to be blogging a new fashion post today! I was out shopping with my mini me and spending time with her is always full of fun! I am wearing all kinds of new things today. I typically wear black a lot. In rl and sl. It is truly my favorite color to wear. It just works out that when I see a dress for the main part that I like it only comes in black. Now when I see it in more than just black I do get the other color as well but it's not normal. I am wearing the newest set from Cynful today which comes in a billion colors and I almost wore a different color but the black just called me. You get a hud to customize the color on the sleeves as you wish and it is really beautifully detailed. My shoes are from Apple May Designs! New at this round of Shiny shabby with your choice of gold or silver metals. My jewelry is all from RealEvil Industries I tend to collect all of their jewels. I am wearing a combination of 4 sets I take a bracelet from one set and necklace from another. I just like to mix and match. Plus you get so many color options it is fun to play with .

I know everyone is going Arcade crazy atm. But you do need to stay fly while you gacha shop so don't forget to pop by these stores. My gorgeous hair is from booN of course. Totally unisex and totally sexy on males or females. You can never have too many shore hair cuts. My lil sis in rl just got her hair cut short and it is so fancy. She wanted a style that she could just get up and go with since she is so busy and it works for her lifestyle. I want to thank you for stopping by and I have more to show you of course. Feel free to check back! I am working on some more posts! Stay tuned! <3

                                                               Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

Lab.008 hair- booN- The Men's Dept-
Hey Bae top and bottom- [Cynful]-
Emma Heels- Apple May Designs- Shiny Shabby event-
Monk shoulder armor- =Zenith=
Jewelry- RealEvil Industries
Bony Tail- [cx]
Poses- Label Motion (came with the guns) & Purple Poses- Collabor 88 Event
Tattoo- Cureless

The shadow spy (Décor set)- Mish Mish- Collabor 88
Love Meter- Nomad
Walk Sign- Balaclava
Boysboysboys sign-
Mountain of Bills- Nikotin
Scattered Bullets & Gun- Soy.
Studio Set- DRD


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