Sailing Away

Hello there, it is time for a new home post! Today I am featuring this lovely boat from Aphrodite shop (Heart Homes). It is not a working boat. It doesn't drive but it is the perfect space for a nice house on the water or house parties! Maybe even a wedding celebration. The options are endless. I went for more of a foodie theme so I set up dining spaces all over the place. But the space can be anything that you dream of or want of course. I really had fun decorating my new ferry and cannot wait to use it.  I will of course post the marketplace link below so you can get your own. I tend to ramble on here but I will not do that today. I have so much stuff to do today and I wanted to make sure I blogged this awesome ferry today!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to this week! I am still getting used to the colder weather and it getting dark so early. I am not a fan of it being pitch black at 5 in the evening but I take it over humidity any day! lol. Thank you so much for stopping by! I still have more to show so feel free to bookmark me and check back. I really appreciate it. Thank you

                                                        Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

Aphrodite shop (Heart Homes)- Ferry Boat-…/8028016

Tables & Chairs- Trompe Loeil & Apple Fall
Parasol- Apple Fall
Japanese Maples & Grass- Hayabusa Design
Fancy Pergola- Kalopsia
Chandeliers- Abiss
Sofas- Mudhoney


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