Never let anyone Dull your Sparkle

Hello there!!! New fashion post coming your way! I don't know about anyone but I have just been playing Missy's song all day every day since it came out! lol I just love it. But she has always been one of my FAVORITE artists. I was on social media going nuts and I am not even into social media. I wanted to do a new fashion post today so here it is! This awesome skirt is at Sad.November event which ends on the 21st so I am pushing it close! It comes in a few hot colors and I am wearing the white of course. My fawn antlers are really cute and the flower has a color change hud. The holiday season is here and it is so exciting! I am debating if I want to change my lil land to snow or not. It is just so much work to change to Winter. The other seasons are pretty much green so it's not as bad. But Winter can be rough. I do have a snow maker so it might persuade me lol. We will see I guess but for now I am very content.

I am wearing one of my favorite hairs from booN. I do not wear too many hairs over and over on my posts but if you look back you will see this one a few times. I really love it. The store has so many new wigs it is really exciting. I am not going to ramble on today as I have some things to get done. I want to thank you for stopping by. I appreciate at it more than you know! <333
Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed
On me:
Hair: booN
Laced Mini Skirt- Apple May Designs- Sad November event-
Simple sleeves top- Apple May Designs
Fawn Headband- Apple May Designs- Tres Chic event-
Fur stole- Fishy Strawberry
Jewelry- Ryca, Mandala & Realevil Industries
Fireside Chairs, drum table, Windmill light
Sofa- Scarlet creative foundry sofa
Birch Tree- Kalopsia
Canisters- Apple Fall
Pics taken at- Fruitatious sim (home to Apple May Designs and my store Majesty)


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