Quality over Quantity

Well Hello there, and good Sunday to you! I am sitting here trying to get into collabor 88 atm. I have taken my pics for this post already so I can just try to teleport over and over while I post on my blog! lol. I used to not have this hard a time getting in the event but times have changed and with every round I have it hard. Today I am featuring this amazing grill which seats up to 8 people. Once you sit a chair comes out for you. I was up late taking my pictures and no one was on I could ask to sit lol. Which was funny because two of my sisters mapped me at random times and by the time I needed more people...everyone was gone. The good thing is Aphrodite shop has a video featuring this amazing grill that you need! I will post it below of course. One sitting area is for the host and you can grill. The guests can grill, and yes there is food of course.

You are actually able to cook your food from raw to nicely done. There is 9 different foods to choose from and you cook on your own area of the grill. Perfect item for any season. You cannot go wrong with a grill. I am all about things that dispense food. But, I am even more into things that are interactive for rp and give food! lol I love having spaces that have so much lush grass but tries to tone it down a little bit. I am starting to get more excited for Winter's coming and what will be available for the season!  I just really love Fall and Winter. The trees you see with the lights on the base are also from Aphrodite shop. They have many to choose from but I am using the Apple and Lemon ones. The colors are really rich and they are so pretty. Total must haves so please have a look. I did make it into the event. Took me a hr. Okay I have to run! Thank you so much for stopping by! More to come!

                                                     Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

Video- Table grill- https://www.flickr.com/photos/100585789@N02/22330367690/in/dateposted/
Marketplace Listing- https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Aphrodite-BBQ-Table-Grill-for-eight-people-Autumn-Special/7939321?id=7939321&slug=Aphrodite-BBQ-Table-Grill-for-eight-people-Autumn-Special

Table grill- Aphrodite shop- Store and demo slurl- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shopping%20City/201/145/22
Flying leaves- Kalopsia
Grass- We're closed
Trees- Aphrodite shop & HPMD
Lemonade stand set- Kuro & [Con.]
The nested daybed- [Con.]
Skydome- Turnip's homes (Autumn textures)


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