Majesty- The Hay Day

Hello there yall! So.....I got these awesome cows from Jian. Along with a fence kit and barn. o.0  It reminded me I had chickens and Sheeps from Jian also! Sounds like Hay Day game to me!! LOL!!! I just couldn't resist. The Highland Cattle Shed is on point. The textures are so nice and it has this awesome hay inside of it. It is also texture change. Red, white, brown or blue are your options. I am using red and brown. It is 20 land impact. I have gotten talked about walking around with my chicken so imagine the jealousy I am getting walking with my cow. Don't be jealous of people yall. Just get your own cow so you can be a diva as well. That's not cute. LOL I have a ton of grass. I typically like to do big lush grassy areas but I didn't need that with this space. I didn't want tall grass swallowing up my awesome pets. I ran to Kidd Grass and got ones that were too green for my needs and ended up using one I already had from the store. LOL The color is still darker than I wanted but not super green like I bought so I am adding some grass from {anc} & Alirium to break up the color a bit. I have a nice farm going on with rez cattle that move and ones that are static. The static ones are 1-2 land impact. There is several versions of them and you can change the frames. The snoozer is animated and grazer. They are 6 and 14 land impact respectfully. Of course you get wanderer and companion ones also. You can easily set up a nice farm or a mini farm area to show off your pets. I almost set these up on an island. The sky is really the limit!
Don't ever let someone tell you that you shouldn't style a space the way you want or it's not realistic. This is Secondlife. Who cares? That's the point. If you want realistic than do it. If you don't then don't do it. No limitations. Do what makes you happy. I just had to put that out there. LOL I have some more posts to show you this month and currently finishing up a few more! I want to thank you of course for stopping by! Feel free to bookmark me and follow me on Flickr! I appreciate you! Thank you so much for the support. xoxo, Ebony <3333

Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


JIAN Highland Cattle 
JIAN Highland Cattle Shed
JIAN Highland Farm Fence 

JIAN Chicken Collection
JIAN Playtime Piglets 8. Bicolor Wanderer
JIAN Sheep Collection 
JIAN Sheep Feeder Trough :: Apple Trough

floorplan. mind your own biscuits sign
floorplan. fresh flowers sign
floorplan. world map chart
floorplan. leaning chalkboards
:Fanatik Architecture: Garden Tree 1
Heart - Aubretia - Large - White - FULL
Trompe Loeil - Daphne Planter Bucket Brown
Fancy Decor: Belted Hay
*alirium* DownyGrass [Green]
junk. windmill light.
:CP: Taylor Hanging Light String

  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location-[Cynful] Location-


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