Majesty- A Moment Of Wonder

Hello there, I hope all is well. Happy Saturday to you! I am featuring the cuddlenest from Heart Homes/ Aphrodite shop along with some of my furry friends from Jian today. This cuddlenest is the perfect thing for you mushy couples. It does not have single poses please note that. But it is filled with warm and cozy animations for all of you lovebirds. I enjoy jovial and lush surroundings. I love incorporating greenery inside and out and to the max! Valentine's day is just around the corner and this is a nice option. My little foxes from Jian are adorable and they are texture change. You get a companion, wanderer and some static ones like I have here. The Squirrel feeder is hilarious! He is really shaking that feeder when he gets to it! It's a total must have for your home or garden. I have this space full of greenery from Kalopsia, What Next, and Hayabusa Designs to name a few. Of course I put all of the credits below. The gazebo came from a set I have from Chez Moi. I love gazebos and pergolas and I use them in many different spaces. This one with the wood coloring can be anything you can think of and it can be for so many uses. It helps to give more of a intimate feel to the space and I love how the Ladder from Kalopsia blooming with flowers flows over it. This is a short month so it seems to be going by so fast.
But, of course I always enjoy the weekends! Please note the wood settings under the Hydrangea flowers are not for sale. I have modded some bouquets with this setting and the flower pot that comes with it and it has come to my attention it is no longer for sale so I will not put credits for it. I had someone asking about a bouquet set I blogged previously and I realized that the creator only sells the items at events and afterwards they go away. SO many events with "exclusives" that end up at the store after the event and here is a store that is truly exclusive to the events they are in and I had no clue. I went looking to help find it and was shocked. LOL  But, I just wanted to note that. I hope one day the items will be out again. Okay, I am done rambling! I wish you an amazing weekend! I will be posting more soon! Thank you for having a look. Feel free to bookmark me and follow me on Flickr! Have a blessed weekend! xoxo <3333 Ebony

Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


<Heart Homes> Hanging Cuddlenest  (PG)- On9 event-
Aphrodite Shop -Mainstore Slurl-
JIAN Marble Fox 
JIAN :: Squirrel Feeder
Kalopsia - Madeleine's Ladder
Kalopsia - Fireflies

{what next} Provence Picnic Picnic Basket
{what next} Summer Garden Planter
ARIA - Amberleigh side Table
Botanical - Decorative Light Set - Flat Scattered 4x4m
CR Plumeria White 1
Hayabusa Design Pampas M16-10 v1-1
Hayabusa Design Elegant Tree M15-1 M7 v1-1 - Gift
The Loft - Multi-Candle Lantern Java
BALACLAVA!! Wind Chime (Natural/Gold)
ARIA - Amberleigh Hydrangeas In a Vase
Heart - Aubretia - Large - White - FULL
HPMD* Sunlight(2014) - b
HPMD* floorGrass01 (g)
[ keke ] even dragonflies dream . warm

  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location-[Cynful] Location-


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