Majesty- Love is in the air

Hello there! Bringing a Valentine's day post for you today! I didn't want to wait till the actual day so you could have time b4 then to get this awesome set if you want it. I had looked for Valentine's items and came up short. Finding Valentine's day things are hard!!! lol It seems most people and places are into anti Valentine's day stuff. SO, are the majority on here really that single and upset about it?! lol Makes you wonder. I however am happy that Aphrodite shop has made something awesome for the holiday! Most couples on here will prob go out dancing but why not also have a nice intimate dinner buffet. It is packed with romantic food and will make any setting fabulous.

I might have went a little overboard with the rose petals but hey when else can you just sprinkle petals all over the floor? lol I am going to see if I can make a fashion post for tomorrow but I won't make any promises. I like to dress for holidays and have an excuse to wear something fancy. Two day weekends are just never enough to get everything done and with this being Valentine's time is  just not there. I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed Valentine's Day. I am always excited to see what my other half has up his sleeve. He is one of those people like to top whatever was done the year before lol. I tend to do that as well so it's always fun and challenging. Keeps it spicy! Thank you so much for stopping by and feel free to bookmark me and my pages. I will leave links below.

                                                           Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Aphrodite Valentine's complete buffet- NEW-
Demo here:

Note:I will update the credits better later. I don't know the correct name for each item off the top of my head lol. <3

Red rose Topiaries- Kalopsia
Balloons- What Next
Dining table and chairs- The loft
Dinnerware & Wine décor- Bazar
Chalkboard décor- Brixley
Picture frame- Apple Fall
Build- Dust Bunny


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