Pouring Rain

So the weather here is nasty and my puppy doesn't like to get wet. My day will be a long one. lol. But the day must go on! I am starting my day off and trying to keep up with more things. I am glad to be back at my original home sim fully. Going to new places and trying out new things lets you know that you have chosen the right place. I am still in a good mood though. I am going to try and tackle my inventory today and do better with organizing my folders. lol. Surely not all of them, but the main ones like Clothing, makeup, hair and of course jewelry. I am wearing one of my most favorite hairs today and  a new outfit from Apple May designs.

It is boot season. I always am so happy to see fall arrive. The cool thing is I am seeing more people wear them year around so I am not such a oddball. The addition of all these new boots such as bootie wedges to the world of fashion has me at my happiest! My love of boots is always reflected in secondlife. The boots I have on are like my Nine West thigh high boots..The only difference is my boots have 2 strands of leather hanging from the back of the thigh on each boot. And amazingly they are comfortable. I usually wear them with my suede skirt and my bcbg Maxazria rabbit fur sweater. But as you see I wear them now with this tank top and still have the same amount of fashion edge!

I had to add a bit of edge and add a tattoo, and my choker which is mesh like the top. No hair would do this outfit justice like these amazing dreads. The best dreads in all of sl. Of course you can make this outfit more casual by adding flip flops or sandals. Or dress it up more.  I have all my rare gacha eggs on display in my bedroom. lol I love them. Sadly out of all the eggs I bought I got one of each. So yes it should be GOTCHA damn money not just Gacha. lol I want to thank my sister Shortcake for helping me more rare items from the event that I haven't posted yet, like the rare hamster avi I drooled over and the Auxilary ultrarare spiked mouse ears! Last but not least my sissys Keelia and Goldie for buying endless amount of eggs lol and anything else I seemed to whine about. I am blessed to have such a wonderful batch of sisters.

They are mod and can be sized huge like I made them. I love these eggs! I know I tend to like things unusual things and gadgets but these brighten my day. I used to love the story of humpty dumpty as a child and this concept just caught me. As you can see you can have the eggs whole, or half eaten and also a cracked version! Ok well I am off to do work! I wish everyone the best!

                                                      Stay Fierce!!!!

Hair- booN
Outfit- Apple May Designs
Sunglasses- Rozeregalia
Choker- Hello Spacegirl
Tattoo- Wicked Tattoos
Boots- Slink


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