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Hello there. It has been awhile since I have posted. I have been busy but that really isn't what caused my drought fully. It's just too much going on in America. My whole mood has been off. I am trying not to just go into a political rant but the things going on in this country is just beyond my words. This post is inspired by happiness and moving forward. Regardless of all the evil in this world we can still find our own happy space. A place filled with Joy, good feelings, and intent. With all this racism being in your face and many people just don't care if it's not affecting them. I am a real black american female. I state this so you won't think I am not a black person and just someone who walks around with a black avi for shits and giggles.Some people see it as a cute roleplay...log off their comps and ignore the struggle without a care in the world. This is my life.The tension in the air is so thick. You can cut it yall. Sighs. Moving on to good vibes! I am featuring Kalopsia today. This space is filled with mainly Kalopsia items and some other awesome things I have acquired. Using a Lagom Skybox from the builder's box. It doesn't have a really open floorplan and is mostly separate rooms. But the sizes of the rooms are really nice. I have been coming across homes with huge rooms and it's not ideal. These awesome chairs are texture change and so are the cute cubbies. I filled them with books from Balaclava. The Tapestry is so colorful it really makes this study/yoga space a place to relax. Many of the items here are also from Kalopsia and they fit so well but these items would look nice in your home with other pieces as well. When Jian released this little hamster I ran like the wind to get him. I had hamster when I was little and one of the textures are the same as my most beloved hamster so this brought back good memories for me. He used to go all over the house in his little rolling ball! lol One time I came across the ball open and empty. Everyone was like DON'T MOVE! lol He was safely under a sofa in the living room and he lived his full life span which was prob one of the moments I realized what death was. My daddy had to explain that they had short life spans and he had actually lived longer than expected. They truly live long enough for you to get really attached and they are gone. So this hamster set was a must have for me. This set is at the Collabor 88 anniversary event now! Make sure you run down if you haven't yet. The theme is plastic and there is some unique finds like this set to really customize your space.

Feel free to leave suggestions or let me know of something you would like to see blogged. I tend to do mainly features but I like doing inspiration posts as I am usually inspired with every space I do. I sometimes regret not taking pics of all the spaces I do. But, I am always going like the energizer bunny. I am still working on the Fruitatious showroom location. It is still set up but soon I will gut it and rez the new items. I enjoy having in-world showrooms as seeing a space in a picture can be different than seeing it in person. You can look at the pieces and textures to see if you can use them for your space. I really enjoy having them for you. Well I am done rambling for the day and hope you will see something that you will love to add to your space. Thank you so much for stopping by. I have more posts coming! I am not done! Be blessed xoxo, Ebony

Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Kalopsia- Evergreen recycled set NEW- c88
Kalopsia - Kali's Shelf
Arrow Curtains - Right
Kalopsia - Kali's Yoga Mat
Kalopsia - Daisy's Pennant - Meow Adventure & Sunshine
Kalopsia - Daisy's Bagpack - Chevron
Kalopsia - Daisy's Bagpack - Dots
Kalopsia - Blossom's Mister Vase
Kalopsia - Kali's Yoga Ball
Kalopsia - Kali's Bag
Kalopsia - Dahlia's Rug
Kalopsia - Kali's Weights
Kalopsia - Hilly's Polaroid Camera
Kalopsia - Daisy's Water Bottle - Dots
Kalopsia -Daisy's Notebook - Blue/Pink
Kalopsia - Faith's Side Table 

Taylor Hanging Light String- Cheeky Pea :CP: 
Moon Amore: Fried Egg Curtain- Gift at Collabor88
Ariskea[Suren] Fake Fur Rug
JIAN Hamster Ball Wanderer - Rez me!
Sway's [Neal] Jeans
dust bunny . potted bromeliad
Refuge - Wanderlust Neon Sign Blue
LAGOM - Gothenburg Skybox.- Builder's box
The Loft & Aria  - Pilar Floral Centerpeice
[ARIA] Savannah Roman Blinds

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